5 MINUTE RITUAL: Savor Summer while it lasts...

5 Minute Ritual Journaling Prompt

Before we lose summer take time to make the magic last and savor every minute. (Even if you only have 5) Now quick, grab your favorite notebook + pen. 

REFLECT: What have you done so far? Favorite hiking spots, beach treasure found, meals with friends. Spend 2 minutes freewriting on the fun, memories, and experiences that matter most.

GIVE THANKS: What are you most thankful for? Remember, what you are grateful for grows. Sometimes we get so busy thinking of what to do next that we forget to be grateful for what we have already done. Spend 1 minute writing the Top 10 things you are grateful for. Bullet Journaling saves time and puts things into quick perspective. 

PLAN: Without a clear plan & intention we tend to forget what we really want to do. Time is our most valuable resource. Spend your last 2 minutes thinking of 3 things you still want to do before the end of the summer. (yes, only 3) then add them to your calendar, phone a friend, and commit to making time for that experience. 

I intend for your summer to exceed expectations, allow time for rest, writing, and connection with the people that matter most.



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