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Sara Blette & Melissa Camilleri

Conversations, mutual goals, and collaboration lead to unexpected places….

I first learned about Melissa Camilleri from a friend. It was one of those “You guys need to connect and get to know each other” kind of moments. So I reached out. Like many things I feel like everything happens in the perfect time. It took us 6 months of email & phone tag to finally have a call but when we did it was magic.

Melissa started a business called Compliment and at its very core the mission is quite simple. “We Rise By Lifting Others®”  I couldn’t agree more.  Not only does each of her products rise and inspire others in spirit, 5% of her sales go into a scholarship fund to help bridge the gaps for girls seeking higher education.

I am a designer, mom, and creator. I design to inspire and find no greater joy than helping to get a vision out of your head and into your hands. My mission at Make My Notebook has been to give you a place to inspire, empower, and record your beautiful life. After over an hour of conversation, possibility, and like minded values I knew with such clarity that together we could do more.

We connected around relationships, stories of growing up, experiences that brought us both on our entrepreneurial journey and our core why’s. One of the things that mutually stood out was the  awkward  preteen years. Like many, that’s when I first remembered “making myself smaller”  around school, trying not to compete with the boys and somehow thinking it was more important to be pretty than smart.

Although I tried to avoid it that message somehow carried me into adulthood.  I felt an underlying cultural trend based on external appearances that you couldn’t be pretty and smart, a business woman and a mom, successful and part time, strong and sexy, the list goes on. Somehow I lost my way,  and after many conversations realized I was not alone.

That call sparked an idea. What if we took Melissa’s message “It’s a really cool thing to be a smart girl” and put it on my notebooks.  What if this notebook would give girls of all ages the permission we sometimes need to just not be smart but to “own” their smart.  What if holding it became a symbol, a reminder that it really is cool  to BE smart. With time, these reminders would be commonplace and young girls would inspire their peers, moms would inspire their friends, and sisters would remind their brothers that we’ve been cool all along.

Together we could lift others, inspire truth, empower their journey and give them a place to record their story. This notebook and collaboration is a reminder. Not only that it’s really cool to be a smart girl, it’s even cooler when you open up, collaborate, elevate each other, and support other women while serving your own bigger mission and why.


sara blette
founder, make my notebook

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