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I like to plan. I have to admit when I write everything down, look at the week ahead and understand where I am going there is a certain amount of control that puts my mind at ease.

Some days are better than others. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, mother, friend, sister, and creator. Sometimes it’s hard to prioritize. My life is a fine balance of putting the needs of my children, clients, relationships, and self all into a fluid dance of ebb and flow that guides me in the day to day actions of fun and responsibility.

I have tried many different ways of staying organized and inspired over the years. Planners have come and gone, post it notes lost, calendars collected dust and I can’t tell you how many apps I’ve tried.  What makes the Daily Action Planner different is that teaches you to get in control of your time, while achieving more and organizes everything around the concept of savoring life.

This idea of Savor may look different to everyone but the concept is to dedicate your success and accomplishment around an activity that brings you joy and pleasure. The mindset shift is lovely and quite simple. Instead of letting your work consume and dictate your day - organize your efforts around an activity that brings you back to the reason you are doing everything in the first place. Why am I doing all of this you ask? I want more quality time with my kids, a few spa days, weekly hikes & self care, brunch with friends, meaningful connection, and reach my financial goals by working smarter, not harder. Sounds impossible but I’m getting close.

I have learned a few different things from my Daily Action Planner and the more I use it the deeper our relationship gets. Sunday night is my brain detox. (Well any night for that matter) I like to use the time before I go to bed to get everything out of my head and into my planner. By this point in the day I have given enough thought to my tasks and it’s time to surrender them to the page. It helps me sleep better and frees up space for new ideas to flow in. Monday mornings are reserved for filtering through those tasks. I like to strategize my weeks with my most challenging tasks at the beginning. By Wednesday with most of the “hard stuff” put to rest it starts to free my mind up into creativity mode. There always seems to be a balance between what I “love” to do and what “has” to get done, but by finishing the “has to” sooner I get to “love to” more.

I am now a reformed Daily Action Planner. I used to look at the act of planning as one more thing I didn’t have “time” to do. Now I need it. It helps me to remember the tasks that need to get done while showing me the path to get there, helps me plant the seeds of possibility, reminds me to Savor and has helped me take back time. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, it’s how we choose to use it that will help shape our lives into the experience that we want to have.

stay inspired,

sara blette
founder, make my notebook + co-founder savor life summit

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