Where Has Your Notebook Taken YOU?

My Notebook Story Why Do You Write?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a notebook on me. It has become a staple in my purse or backpack being the witness to my memories, work, goals, and dreams. Not only has it been there as a record keeper but has served as a companion whenever I feel alone, bored, or uninspired.

 My journey has become that of the notebook that accompanies me wherever I go. When I really stop to think about our relationship it surprises me how much can happen on seventy pages of blank possibility.

 In the past year I have been through the following:
  • (3) small notebooks of interior design notes, to-do’s,
  • (2) small notebooks of intention, goals, & magic
  • (2) small notebooks of motherhood, adventure, and experience
  • (1) large notebook of vision & creativity

I have taken them with me from the mountains to the ocean. I try to write every day. Journaling has become a place for me to process, reflect, and remember the moments that matter most. There is something so classic and thoughtful about taking a pen to paper that brings the experience of your memory into a more long term feeling long after it has past. Days, months, and years may go by but when you read what your child said on that warm spring day or recall the exhilaration of that first kiss or finishing the race, your memory is triggered into the space that you once held. The who, what, and why becomes clear. YOU Remember. YOU create it all.

Each one is designed to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and RECORD your beautiful life.

My hope is that our notebooks go on to be the keeper of your story, the incubator for your creativity and a place to help you dream. From there anything is possible. Craft your passion into purpose, make things happen, & change the world.

Now that I’ve created a starting point it’s your turn. Where has your notebook taken you? What does it hold that inspires your vision? What words have you commited to paper and manifested into reality.

from my heart to your hands,
sara blette
founder, make my notebook

Please share your story and help inspire others. I would love to know what ‘s filling your pages. On instagram tag @makemynotebook #MakeMyNotebook or write me: Sara[at]makemynotebook.com

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