Taking Back Summer

This post was written almost a year ago today, and it came to mind when I was chatting today about my summer plans. Revisiting it, I feel more strongly than ever about this art of holding space, and reflecting on last summer, I know it works. Why? Because I had The. Best. Summer. Ever. True story! I am gearing up for another Summer that is full of laughter, travel, memory making and time spent with my most favorite people. I cannot wait. I hope by trying out this writing ritual, you'll also have the most memorable summer ever (and remember to write about it).


The Art of Space | Taking Back Summer

While looking at the calendar today I felt like summer was over before it even had a chance to begin. Immediately my heart raced at the thought that the memories, experiences, and adventures I craved would not come to fruition without some careful planning and intentional living.

The art of holding space is a new ritual that moves you from “someday soon” to “now, not later.” At its very essence it's about being present in the moment. But the art comes with intentionally planning the moment, choosing the experience to be had, and finding the right person to share it with. It's much more than making plans, for plans can be broken. The intent is to hold sacred space for time; time with ourselves along with a few dear friends, time with family and time with colleagues. Meaningful time that adds to our joys, creativity, abundance and deepens our lives.

The basics are simple: Plan, Describe, and Share your way into the Summer you have always wanted. I intend to take back summer, make space and write to remember the moments that matter most.


Start with a list. Free write. Brain Dump.  What are all of the things, activities, and events you want to do to make your summer more meaningful? Don’t stop until you have written at least 50 things.


Review your list and circle the top 10 things that would really make a difference to you and the people you want to spend time with. What does the experience look like? What would it mean to you? Who do you want to create your memories with? What do you hope to take away? Write and describe the potential that these moments can hold.  

Is it hiking and holding conversation while enjoying nature, smelling the trees and feeling the wind? Is it feeling the warmth of your body increase as the sun shines down on you, enjoying the sounds of the waves while reading a book? Hearing your child laugh and delight in your sense of adventure around the playground?

By writing about these moments we fuel them with the spark of excitement and start to add meaning to our lives before they have even occurred.


Get your calendar out. Contact the people you want to be with. Share your experience with them before it’s even happened - Invite them on an adventure. Hold space for it on your calendar. Give them gratitude for the moment of time you are about to create together.

Rituals and exercises in writing come in many forms. Everything you have ever learned you have learned through repetition. Take your time back, plan it, write about it, and make it more meaningful. You’ll feel better. I promise.


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