TOP 5 FAVORITES (Every Finger Tells a Story)

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Little did I know that the birthday activity that I started two years ago would make it's way into a present day favorite.  I've created an interview style 15 Minute Writing Ritual that will evoke conversation, create connection, and stimulate creativity.

Grab your little one, set your timer to 15 minutes, turn on some upbeat tunes, take a deep breath, grab your favorite pen or marker, and open your journal. 

EXPLORE (Ignite & Spark)
Take a minute to ask your child about their favorite FIVE. The idea is that every finger tells a story and represents something special in your child's life. As they grow, their opinions may change, but the idea and meaning of the conversation will always be the same (the parent + child = connection). 

REFLECT (Conversation)
Discuss everything from favorite foods, colors, and animals to their favorite playgrounds, people or past times. What were the Top 5 Things you felt were beautiful about today? What are Mommy's FIVE super powers? If you could only have FIVE things to play with, what would they be? The conversations are endless and will surprise and delight you. The only limit to this interaction is your own imagination…be free!

WRITE (Journaling)
The fun with this exercise is conversation & interaction. Open a fresh page in your journal, take your child's hand and outline it on the page. Write the date & question on the top of the page. With each finger in the drawing, write the answer to your child's question in that place. This is your art journaling. It's something that you will do together, create tradition, and bond in ways that you never thought were possible.

INSIGHT (Looking Forward & Starting Tradition)
Set a reminder on your phone to do this 15 Minute Ritual weekly (or monthly). Think you don't have enough time in your schedule? You don't have time not to- childhood flies by (even when you feel like it isn't).  If you just spend 15 Minutes one day a week, tracing their hand, reflecting on questions, and documenting the experience, you'll have an on-going tradition and keepsake of the moments you shared together. This 15 Minute Ritual is sure to be fun, engaging, and lead to new activities of your own. All you have to do is start! Let me know how your TOP 5 works out and share your new tradition. #whatwillyouwritetoday

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