Never Settle...

Never Settle...

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To the recently divorced, laid off, unemployed,disenchanted, angry, let down, self loathing, poor me, it's not fair, not good enough moments out there.

(YOU need to write more than anyone)

Life IS beautiful and amazing but sometimes it's not and that's ok too. Feel your anger. Feel your hurt. Feel your suffering.You feel what you feel and nothing is wrong with that. Know that everything that has happened does not define who you are. Know that moving forward you will never self-abandon the core of who you are for any relationship or situation that doesn't serve your highest good.

Practice self compassion. Write without self judgement. Write to release. Right (write) the wrongs you've been telling yourself in your head. Take time to honor your feelings (the dark ones too) and let the pen in your hand give them to the paper below. You have carried these thoughts long enough- surrender and allow your healing to unfold.

Transmute that negativity. Shine light on that shadow self. Choose love instead of fear and rewrite your story. Process your feelings.

Expand. Purge. Breathe. Cry. Howl. Write. Let go. Be Grateful. (Repeat)

Remember that the moment something ends it's only making room for something better to come into your life. Something more in alignment with the person you are today. You would have never had this opportunity had you not been through every moment, lesson, break down, build up, deep breath sigh that led you here today. #neverfuckingsettle

Shown in Black- available in Black, Hot Blue, Copper, and Stealth Black (black ink on black cover)

Hand printed with water-based inks, Wire binding lays flat when open or can be folded over for added support

SIZE: 8.5x5.75 (Perfect for on the go and fits in most bags & purses)


Lined Paper: 130 Pages- College Ruled on the front & back - 100% Post Consumer Recycled

Dot Grid Paper: 130 Pages- Dot Grid on the front & back - 100% Post Consumer Recycled

Combo Paper: 130 Pages- College Ruled on the front Grid on the back - 100% Post Consumer Recycled

Sketch Paper: 100 Pages- Blank - 80lb Felt Finish - 30% Recycled - Acid Free & Archival

Day Planner: 60-week fill in planner - 100% Post Consumer Recycled

Made in Colorado!

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