Create Your Own Custom Notebooks, Sketchbooks & Journals

No Project Too Big (or Small) | Since 2008 we’ve been collaborating with speakers, entrepreneurs, designers, shop owners, event planners and paper lovers to bring their visions to life. Our Custom Program features dedicated personal assistance, unlimited possibilities, and exclusive pricing- no matter the size of your project.

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Notebooks for Every Style | With over 400 color, size, and filler paper combinations to choose from, we have a notebook that fits your style. Discover the notebook that you love today.

You deserve a product with more than just your logo placed on the front | From mission statements to a personal letter & insert, we can help create notebooks that inspire and engage from cover to content and help engage your audience with a quality product worth keeping.

Your brand is strong | Your message needs to be heard. We get it. We need and LOVE reminders that inspire ourselves and others. We can be the production division of your business you wish you always had. Let our intentional products and process be the foundation for positioning your mission to shine. Not only will they look good, but you’ll feel good receiving your freshly made, ready to sell, notebooks knowing that you have supported a consciously created business with values in alignment with your own.

"Make My Notebook is one of my favorite online shops! I have been a "repeat offender" for a couple of years now because of the originality, the quality, the value and the amazing service that I receive with every order. I get compliments on my notebooks on a regular basis and buy them for clients and friends regularly because they are so attractive and so well constructed!" - Jason Goldberg - Author, Speaker, Trainer, Comedian, Rapper, Bacon-Lover 

"I love, love, love the custom journals we created through Make My Notebook.   The team at MMN was helpful every step of the way, giving advice on colors and design, even though we gave them a tight deadline. The quality of the product is exceptional and we received rave reviews from the attendees at our latest event, all of whom received a journal as our gift.”
- Patty Lennon, Soul-Infused Business Coach

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